Dr. A Gopalakrishnan & Co.

Dr. A Gopalakrishnan and Co. is a sister concern of the Institute of Management Accountants, IMA. We are the pioneers with more than three decades of experience in delivering a lot of professional services including Digital Signature Certificates, Company registration, taxation, trademark registration, IE code and a lot more. We have successfully established reliable, long term relations with a wide network of professionals in all the related domains to offer you seamless services within a minimum timeframe, hassle-free, at the best possible rates. Our core areas of expertise include issuance of Digital Signature Certificates for all e-governance purposes, all services related to project reports for all Government schemes, etc. To stamp the credibility of our company, we are a registered income tax consultant & CA for DSC/project reports and a certified member of the National Stock Exchange Ltd. under SEBI regulations.

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals take care of all the requirements and regular communication is maintained with the client for better outcomes. As we are the experts, we make the process simple and rapid, which might be most tedious ones accompanied by a lot of confusions when handled with an amateur approach. In-house legal experts verify the procedures to ensure authenticity and validity. A regular follow up and a friendly-professional approach has gained us a prestigious clientele. We are happy to be always ready with quick & efficient customer support, clear all your queries with patience. It is our passion to help people start and manage business easily. We stand out from the competitors to help the entrepreneurs with their legal and regulatory requirements. We would love to extend our relationship to stand by the client as a partner throughout the business lifecycle, offering all the necessary support to ensure the business remains compliant and have consistent growth.


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