We have enough experience in providing the most authentic range of patent service including Patent application drafting, filing, and prosecution in India. Patenting has to be done with extreme care and expertise and we assure to do it right for you. Our amiable team has a very deep understanding of Indian and Global Patents. We follow cost-effective procedures to come up with enforceable patents at the shortest possible time frame. Our patents are also featured with optimal disclosure and technical accuracy. The patent protection is ensured globally and we have successfully built the trust of our beloved customers.

Documents Required

  • Patent application in Form-1.
  • Proof of right to file application from the inventor.
  • Provisional specifications, if complete specifications are not available.
  • Complete specification in Form-2
  • Statement and undertaking
  • Declaration as to inventorship
  • Power of authority
  • Priority document (optional)
  • If the Application pertains to a biological material obtained from India, the applicant is required to submit the permission from the National Biodiversity Authority
  • All patent applications must bear the signature of the applicant
  • Provisional or complete specification must be signed by the agent/applicant

Our Specialities

  • Affordable
  • Simple and easy process
  • Assurance on on-time processing and process completion
  • You can be completely relaxed from all the intricacies of patenting registration
  • We are a certified authority for patenting registration in India


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